Secure Payment Processing

When you place an order with and provide Credit Card information as your payment method, you can rest easy knowing that has taken all the neccessary steps to ensure that your confidential information is secured by the strongest encryption available today. uses a 128-bit SSL certificate to secure such data and we use the worlds leading payment gateway system (Verisign/PayPal PayFlow Pro) to authorise your credit card payment - this is the same level of security you would receive if buying from the biggest merchants on the planet.

How does it work ? when you place an order with using a credit/debit card as your payment method, our SSL-encrypted server contacts the PayFlow Pro gateway and via a dedicated SSL communication thread your card details are authorised against your bank and usually within 3-4 seconds we get an answer back to show that your payment has been authorised. It sounds complex, and it is ! .... but it all happens using the best technology available today.